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"During our working relationship, Michael has assisted in the development and successful closure of several high profile investigations and inventory shrinkage incidents. His services were both professional and unbeatable. He is truly diligent and comprehensive in every aspect of his business. Michael is an intelligent professional whose track record speaks for himself"
— Jack Legorreta
Director of Loss Prevention, Pep Boys Inc.
"It has been a pleasure working with Michael over the years, he has always proven to be a trustworthy dilligent professional. In all aspects of investigating, his drive and dedication are unparalleled"
— Vito Colucci
Owner of Colucci Investigations

* Participants: 22 large retail companies with 19,151 stores and over $570 billion in retail sales (2008).

* Apprehensions: 904,226 shoplifters and dishonest employees were apprehended in 2008, up 7.26% from 2007.

* Recovery Dollars: Over $182 million was recovered from apprehended shoplifters and dishonest employees in 2008, up 21.64% from 2007.

* Shoplifter Apprehensions: 832,106 shoplifters were apprehended in 2008, up 7.65% from 2007.

* Shoplifter Recovery Dollars: Over $113 million was recovered from apprehended shoplifters in 2008, an amazing 30.24% increase from 2007.
An additional $37.2 million was recovered from shoplifters where no apprehension was made, up 9.08% from 2007.

* Employee Apprehensions: 72,120 dishonest employees were apprehended in 2008, up 3.01% from 2007.

* Employee Recovery Dollars: Over $69.8 million was recovered from employee apprehensions in 2008, up 9.9% from 2007.

* One in every 30 employees was apprehended for theft from their employer in 2008. (Based on over 2.1 million employees.)

* On a per case average, dishonest employees steal a little over 7 times the amount stolen by shoplifters ($969.14 vs $135.81).

Services: Information
Background Checks

Investigating the background of a potential hire can help minimize the risk of negligent-hiring lawsuits. You and your company can be held liable for the actions of a new employee especially if you did not perform a background check. One solution for small businesses undertaking pre-employment screening is to employ the services of a background checking company. Hiring an outsider can help in finding accurate, complete information on job candidates. This is a non negotiable in today's economy. Industry estimates indicate that employee theft makes up 50-60% of all loss in the average retail store. The best way to keep shrink low is to hire honest associates.

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CCTV Installations (Home and Business)

L.P.S.C. has a wide variety of different CCTV monitoring systems to offer. Each is tailored to fit our clients direct needs. We offer basic DVR, ISP Systems (for remote monitoring), "Pin Hole" Cameras and Hidden Camers, Nanny Cameras and any state of the art equipment that is currently available. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. L.P.S.C. will visit your establishment and offer a free consultation to discuss your business needs.

The limits of CCTV are constantly extended.

CCTV is very quickly becoming an integral part of crime control policy, social control theory and 'Community consciousness'. It is promoted by police and politicians as primary solution for urban dysfunction. The video surveillance boom is likely to extend even inside the home. CCTV home has gone as far as placing cameras in residences of victims of domestic violence to conceal video cameras in their homes to collect evidence. The technology is already being used in hospitals to support covert surveillance of parents and Nanny's suspected of abusing their children, home intrusion, and so on...

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Secret Shops and Customer Services Shops

Use Secret Shopper to help inspect your daily store interactions. Reward, motivate and train your employees more effectively. You can't be there all the time, but we can regularly send trained shoppers who will quickly report back on what they observe.

* In Store Shops
* Telephone Shops
* Web Site Shops
Mystery shopping is a powerful tool to help you understand what it is like to interact with your company from the customer perspective. Unlike surveys, trained mystery shoppers go in looking for certain things and make detailed observations as the experience unfolds. They immediately input the information at our web site where it becomes available to you.

* Products &promotions
* "To Go" orders photographed
* Digital photos
Verify point-of-purchase material placement, appearance evaluations, product quality and other items.

* IVR (Voice) Phone surveys
Surveys are different from mystery shopping. They give you insight into how customers felt about their experience.

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Integrity Shops

This service allows retailers to gauge an employees honesty. Integrity shops are a direct and reliable method of assessing loss prevention strategy, customer experience and guest satisfaction. No other method can replace simple, effective feedback from an anonymous integrity shop evaluator, more commonly known as a mystery shoppers. By visiting your business anonymously, posing as a member of the public, they complete a detailed critique of their visit, giving you a complete evaluation from the customers view of your loss prevention strategies and their experience. Different integrity shoppers make several visits over a period of weeks or months depending upon what you are evaluating. Each loss prevention mystery shopping assignment or integrity shop is tailored to the clients needs.

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Compliance Auditing

Maintaining an operationally-sound business demands consistent, accurate and thorough review of policies and procedures. L.P.S.C. develops and executes Control & Compliance Audits customized to your specific business needs.

With extensive experience in all retail industry segments, our Control & Compliance Audits improve operational environments at the store level, resulting in reduced shrink and increased profitability. Control & Compliance Audits cover such areas as:

* Guest Service
* Cash Control
* Media Control
* Stockroom Controls
* Sales Floor Controls
* Physical Safety and Security
* Human Resources and Awareness
* Team Communications
* Loss Prevention

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Employee Theft Investigations and Resolutions

Employee theft -- pilfering, larceny and embezzlement to name a few -- comes under the umbrella of what is considered fraud. However defined, the end result is the same: businesses suffer a loss because an employee unlawfully takes something from an employer. On average, it takes 18 months for an employer to catch an employee who is stealing. Most employee theft comes to the attention of the employer either by another employee or is revealed by accident.

Every year billions of dollars are lost by businesses nationwide to employee fraud and theft and the number of incidents are rising. If your business is small, you're especially vulnerable to occupational fraud and less able to absorb a loss than a larger business; in fact, it is not unusual for a small business to be bankrupted by the theft of a single employee. In their 2004 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) reports that small businesses suffered a median loss of $100,000. This is higher than the losses experienced by all other sized businesses except for the largest organizations.

At L.P.S.C. we have trained professionals that will perform investigations to find out how and where your loss is occurring. We will also gain resolution on all employee theft matters. Whether it be restitution or Civil Demand, L.P.S.C. will assist you in recovering your losses.

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Bar "Spotting"

Truly great customer service, hospitality and bartender integrity shops are the key to success in any bar. Bar spotting or bar "spotters" shopping is the way to measure the customer experience, drink pouring, cash handling and ringing of all drinks.

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Investigative and Lawyer Services

L.P.S.C. provides Investigation Services such as private investigation services, matrimonial infidelity, personal injury claims, workers compensation fraud, nanny surveillance, employee theft, cheating spouses, child custody cases, home debugging, domestic investigations, civil / criminal investigation and Record Searches.

We have experienced investigators to assist in any of our customers needs. Please Inquire.

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Loss Prevention Program Establishment

This is L.P.S.C.'s specialty. We provide a proactive approach to reduce loss and increase your bottom line. Our efforts are designed around being cost efficient where our services will provide you with an instant return on Investment...guaranteed. We offer a free consultation to all retailers and restaurants alike.

Our programs include Associate Training, Awareness Programs (including Posters, Employee Wallet Cards, etc..), Shop Lifting Deterrents, Honesty Hotlines, CCTV Installations, Employee Theft Interviewing with Resolution (Civil Demand), and so on.... Please feel free to contact us with any questions and one of our professional staff members will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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External Theft Prevention Consulting

Shoplifting can cost your business thousands of dollars each year. Shoplifters may be any age, gender, or economic or ethnic background.

There is no "typical" shoplifter. They often work in pairs or groups to divert the clerk's attention while they steal. They often operate when employees are apt to be less alert, e.g., at store opening and closing times, during the lunch and dinner times, and during shift changes. Shoplifters also learn to take advantage of crowded stores during peak hours. Effective prevention begins with an aware and alert staff.

* Shoplifters steal over $20 billion worth of goods from retailers each year.
* Shoplifting is America's #1 property crime.
* 1 in 11 people shoplift. (There are approximately 23 million shoplifters in the US)
* 25% of these shoplifters are children. (That's 5,750,000 children who are facing a life of crime.)
* 55% of adult shoplifters say they started shoplifting in their teens.
* 86% of kids say they know other kids who shoplift. 66% say they hang out with those kids
* 47% of high school students have shoplifted within the past year.
* Shoplifting often leads to more serious juvenile crime.
* Shoplifting spans all economic and cultural conditions.
* The vast majority of shoplifters are individuals who shoplift not because of financial pressures, but because of social, peer and personal pressure.
* The costs related to shoplifting are absorbed by the honest consumer who pays higher prices to cover the loss of merchandise, loss prevention measures, etc.

Sources: National Association of Shoplifting Prevention;   "Why Do Shoplifters Steal?" by Peter Berlin;   USA Weekend, Oct 16-18, 1998;   Today's Coverage, May 26, 1998;   Retail Theft Trends Report: A Snapshot of America, by Read Hayes, 1998.

L.P.S.C. has an array of different deterrents from employee training, CCTV surveillance, Electronic Article Surveillance to any of the most current state of the art devices. Our main goal is to develop a program that you and your employees can follow to deter shop lifting, and reduce loss to your bottom line.

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Nanny / Babysitter Background Checks

Responsible parents want to KNOW their children are safe when they're in the care of the nanny or babysitter. It is imperative these days to have a thorough background check performed on any supervising adult. This will give you insight to their past to ensure they do not have potential risk factors in their history.

If you would like to know what is going on at your home, car or anywhere else where your child is being supervised, then a nanny cam and security Digital Video Recorder is the option for you. Many options are available....Don't risk your childs safety!

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Honesty Hotline

We provide a number for your employees to call when they witness theft and dishonesty. This number remains anonymous.

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